United States Census 2020

Every ten years the Constitution requires that we count all the people living in our country. Having a complete count helps federal, state and local governments decide where to spend money on roads, hospitals, schools, fire stations and more. 

Everyone living in the US is required to complete the census. This information, by law, is only viewable to the Census Bureau. That means that telemarketers, law enforcement, and immigration agencies are NOT allowed to see any of your answers. The details of the census are not made known on genealogy sites until 70 years have passed. The data gathered is counted in groupings to avoid knowing specific residential data. To see the information available from the last census data for Lake County, Illinois, please click here.

This year the census form can be completed via mail, over the phone, or online. You will receive a letter via the post office with an online code. The last week of March the actual census forms will be sent out. If you quickly respond to the census, there will be no need for a census taker (enumerator) to call or visit your home.


What Does the Census Ask?


Who to Count


United States Census 2020