Scan, Print, Create

SCANNING: The library offers several options for scanning documents. Any of our copiers are able to scan to a USB storage device. They require a $.10 deposit to use the machine. The money then can be retrieved when finished scanning. The copiers work really well for large documents (up to 12x18) and multiple pages, as they have a document feeder attachment.

We have a document scanner connected to a computer so documents can be easily uploaded to the internet. This scanner requires page-by-page scanning, and can handle up to 8.5x14 size paper.  Ask at the Reference desk for a pass to use the scanner. There is no charge for scanning.

KODAK PHOTO SCANNER: Have photographs you would like to save online or upload to Facebook? Our Kodak photo scanner will safely scan up to 25 photos per batch. The easy interface allows you to make some easy red-eye and color corrections at the click of the mouse and save to a USB or to the computer for uploading to the internet.  There is a flat-bed scanner for larger or more delicate photographs as well. The scanner is available for 2 hours at a time; ask at the Reference Desk for access. It's free!

PHOTOSHOP: We have Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 software available at the Document Scanner computer. Ask at the Reference desk to use this computer.

SOFTWARE: Our computers have Microsoft Office 2010 software, including Microsoft Publisher. 

CHARGING STATIONS: For patron convenience we have charging stations on each floor with cords for USB, microUSB, iPhone, iPad, and European plugs. Please ask at a service desk if your device needs charging.

PRINTERS: We have color laser printers on each floor. Print outs are $.10 for black and white, $.50 for color. You can print to our printers from home or from your own laptop. Save your file and upload it through our Remote Printing site. You can then print out the job within 24 hours of sending it.

3D PRINTING: Our two Lulzbot Mini 3D printers were purchased for the library by the Friends and Foundation. Fremont patrons are welcome to submit designs that the library will print for free. Learn more here.

DIGITAL CONVERSION STATION: Our iMac station allows you to convert your analog media—VHS videocassettes and audiocassettes—to digital files at no cost. Files are converted in real time. You will need to bring headphones and a USB device or a blank disc to save your files. This station is for digital conversion only, and is equipped with the following software:

  • Elgato Video Capture Device with VCR (VHS tape to computer file)
  • Ion TapeExpress/EZ Vinyl Converter (cassette tape to computer file)

We also have an adaptor VHS-C and Super VHS-C camcorder tapes.