Local Phone Books - July 1927


Person Address
Acox, L.F. 218, 2d, Libertyville
Adamson, Jos. A. 225, 4th, Libertyville
Adamson, W.E. 221 Milwaukee Av., Libertyville
Adelhardt, Geo Johnson Av., Libertyville
Adler, David, Jr. Libertyville twp.
Akers, Louis H. Elm ct., Libertyville
Albert, Anna 45 Sunset Dr., Libertyville
Albrecht, Herman Seymour Av., Mundelein
Albright Wm R. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Alkofer E. Austin Av., Libertyville
Alkofer, Joe J. 122 Austin Av., Libertyville
Alkofer, Simon, Mrs. 122 Austin, Libertyville
Allanson, Park W. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Allanson, Paul H. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Almond, Henry 315 1st, Libertyville
Amann, B.A. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Amer. Ry Exp. Co. ofc 107 E. School,Libertyville
Amer. System of Reinforcing 804 E. Church, Libertyville
Amer. Wire Fence Co. fcty 804 E. Church, Libertyville
Ames, L.J. 222 S. Milwaukee Av., Libertyville
Ames, Wm V. B., Mrs. Warren twp., Libertyville
Ames, Wm V.B., Mrs., mgrs cottage Warren twp., Libertyville
Ames, Wm V.B., Mrs., Center Farm Libertyville twp, Libertyvile
Anderson, Albert (soft drinks) Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Anderson and Exon Motor Service 611 N. Milwaukee Av., Libertyville
Andrews, A.B. 103 3rd, Libertyville
Andrews, Chas W. Laurel Av., Libertyville
Andrews, Lyle 155 E. School, Libertyville
Andrews, M. 186 Newberry Av., Libertyville
Andrews, S.E. 311 North Av., Libertyville
Andruss, Lee J. Homewd Av., Libertyville
Appley, A.M. 830 N. Milwaukee, Libertyville
Appley, C.A. 740 N. Milwaukee, Libertyville
Appley, Frank C. 118 Park Pl., Libertyville
Armose, Anna, Mrs. 317 2d, Libertyville
Arnswald, Arthur 137 McKinley Av., Libertyville
Ascension Cemetery Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Atchison, David 225 E. Park Av., Libertyville
Attridge, Eliza J., Mrs. 509 3d Av., Libertyville
Atwell, Will Fremont twp., Mundelein
Austin, A.J. 207 N. Stewart Av., Libertyville
Austin, Edwin 405 S. Milwaukee, Libertyville
Austin, Stanley Warren twp., Libertyville
Ayers, J.T. 305 E. Church, Libertyville
Aylsworth, H.D. Oak Spring Rd., Libertyville



Person Address
Bader, Carl A. Chicago Av., Mundelein
Baker, Henry 532 2d, Libertyville
Baldwin, Otto F. 329 W. Park Av., Libertyville
Ball, O.W., meats 522 N. Milwaukee Av., Libertyville
Barbaras, J. Ela twp., Mundelein
Barnett, Wm. 1308 N. Milwaukee Av., Libertyville
Barr, Alex F. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Barrett, Herbert C. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Barrett, John E. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Bartlett, H.M. (realtor) 172 W. Lincoln Av., Libertyville
Bartlett, Hiram Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Bartlett, John C. Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Bauernschmitt, Geo. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Bauernsmith, Frank L. Seymour Av., Mundelein
Baumgartner, Frank Seymour Av., Mundelein
Beckman, Fred Vernon twp., Libertyville
Bell, Roy W. Prairie and Hammond Av., Mundelein
Bell, Wm. Oscar Maple Av., Mundelein
Beman, Lynn W. 433 Brainard Av., Libertyville
Benner, Wm. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Bennett, Dean C. 620 1st, Libertyville
Bennett, L.M. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Bennett and Hanlon (fruits) 622 N. Milwaukee, Libertyville
Bensinger, Mary, Mrs. 314 North Av., Libertyville
Benson, L.J. Ames and Rockland Rd., Libertyville
Bergeron, G.W. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Bernard, Chas M. (garage) 345 N. Milwaukee Av., Libertyville
Bernard, Chas M. Laurel Av., Libertyville
Bernard J.N. Sunset Dr., Libertyville
Bernard, Kate, Mrs. 616 N. Milwaukee Av., Libertyville
Berry, G.W. 211 E. Park Ave., Libertyville
Betzer, C.H., DDS 539 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Betzer, C.H. 138 W. Cook Ave., Libertyville
Biere, Frank 224 E. Church, Libertyville
Biere, H.H. 304 S. Stewart Ave., Libertyville
Bietzel, Jacob 704 Broadway, Libertyville
Bilinski, Emmett A. North Shore Dr., Mundelein
Bishop, E.A. 323 Wright Ct., Libertyville
Black, R.H. Homewd Ave., Libertyville
Blue Ribbon Filling Sta 731 N Milwke Ave., Libertyville
Bluhm, Edw H. Park, Mundelein
Bluhm, Frank E. Vernon twp, Libertyville
Bock, F.A. 210 Park Pl., Libertyville
Bockelmann, P.J. 234 W. Maple Ave., Libertyville
Boehm Ins Agcy 420 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Boehm, Otto J. 105 Park Pl., Libertyville
Bond, J.E. 533 1st., Libertyville
Bonus, Anna Mrs. Diamond Lk., Mundelein
Bornkamp, Wm. Seymour Ave., Mundelein
Borre, Peter J. Vernon twp., Libertyville  
Borst, John G., coal & feed Rondout, Libertyville
Boucher, A.R. Rocklnd Rd., Libertyville
Bowe, J.M. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Boyer, Mitchell M. 119 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Boysen, Henry Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Boysen, Henry Jr. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Bracher, C.G. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Bracher, H.L. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Bradford, Jack H. 323 W Maple Ave, Libertyville
Bradley, Jas A. 155 Sunnyside Pl., Libertyville
Brainerd, Geo S. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Brewerton, W.A. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Brixen, E.J. Johnson Ave., Libertyville
Brixen, John 333, 3d, Libertyville
Broadbear, Valentine 423 W. Park Ave., Libertyville
Brockman, A.C. 113 1st, Libertyville
Brockmann, Herman 161 Lincoln, Libertyville
Brookhulzen, R. Johnson Ave., Libertyville
Browder, F.M. Mrs. Maple Ave., Mundelein
Browder, Wm W. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Brown, Chas 240, 3d, Libertyville
Brown, Clyde W. Archer Ave., Mundelein
Brown, Ernest H. 605 W. Park Ave., Libertyville
Brown, Ernest H. Jr. 304 McKinley Ave., Libertyville
Brown, G.C. 417 E. Broadway, Libertyville
Brown, Jas S. 318, 2d, Libertyville
Brown, Jas W. 127, 3d, Libertyville
Browning, A.S. 1025 S Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Browning, E.P. Wildwd Ave., Mundelein
Brumm, Chas 611 S. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Brumm, Wm., cement contr Rockland Rd., Libertyville
Bruher, Warren D. Homewd Ave., Libertyville
Bruschke, Anna M. Oakdale Ave., Mundelein
Brzezinski, Ralph 5th & Hurlburt Ct., Libertyville
Buesching, Wm J. Hawley & Chicago Ave., Mundelein
Bugner, John P. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Bulkley, Horace 905 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Bulkley, Ralph W. Oakwd tr. Subd, Libertyville
Bunton, Emma Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Burridge, Geo Mechanics Gr rd., Libertyville
Burridge, H.C. Dymond Ave., Libertyville
Burridge, H.C. & Son nursery Dymond., Libertyville
Burton, Chas S. 220 Lincoln Ave., Libertyville
Busch, John N. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Busch, N.F. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Bush, Emily A. 117 E. Maple Ave., Libertyville
Buskey, Walter Rondout., Libertyville
Butler, Horace L. 338 W. Jackson ave., Libertyville
Butler, J.W. 221 Brainard Ave., Libertyville
Butterfield, E.W. 123 W. Maple Ave., Libertyville
Butterfield, Ernest H. Diamond Rd., Libertyville
Butterfield, O.F. 129 N. Stewart Ave., Libertyville



Person Address
Cairns, Jay McKinley Ave., Libertyville
Calanca, Romeo 313 5th, Libertyville
Calzavara, Frank Johnson Ave., Libertyville
Carlson, C.O. mens furngs 502 N. Milwke Ave., Libertyville
Carlson, J.O. 228 Newberry Ave., Libertyville
Carlton, Clifford J. 434 E. Church, Libertyville
Carrol, Edw Mrs. 124 Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Carroll, M.H. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Carroll, W.W. 113 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Carroll, W.W. & Sons Co Dry gds 519 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Carsten, Fred Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Carstensen, John B. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Casey, A.M. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Casey, C.I. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Casey, Martin J. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Catchpole, Victor R. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Cater, Harry J. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Chamberlin, Bert Fremont twp., Mundelein
Chamberlin, C.E. Seymour Ave., Mundelein
Chandler, J.W. & Sons hdw Seymour Ave., Mundelein
Chandler, Morris A. Seymour Ave., Mundelein
Cherenovich, Nick 322, 4th., Libertyville
Chgo Milwaukee & St Paul Ry Co pass sta 722 N. Milwaukee, Libertyville
Chgo Milwaukee & St Paul frt Depot 424 1st., Libertyville
Chgo North Shore & Milwaukee R R Co Chgo North Shore Line Libertyvle Divn
Chgo North Shore pass sta Morris Ave., Mundelein
Chgo pass Sta 124 S. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Chgo Merchandise despatch stations 124 S. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Chgo North Shore Merchandise des. stat. Morris Ave., Mundelein
Chgo North Shore Merchan. des. stat. St. Marys Cone Park Ave., Mundelein
Christensen, Chris Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Christensen, Henry 206 Sunnyside Ave., Libertyville
Cichy, John tlr 410 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Clark, H.J. 629, 1st., Libertyville
Clark, Jas L. 114 Broadway, Libertyville
Clift, Ernest Town Line Rd., Mundelein
Clybourn, B.F. elect appl 408 N. Milwke av., Libertyville
Coen, Emerson Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Colby, C.H. 159 Newberry Ave., Libertyville
Colby, Elhanan W. 235 W. Cook Ave., Libertyville
Cole, Clarence J. Diamond Lk., Mundelein
Cole, Fred 519, 3d, Libertyville
Cole, J.W. 116 E. Cook Ave., Libertyville
Collins, W.I. 309 W. Cook Ave., Libertyville
Collins & Doane Co Monumnts E. Park Ave., Libertyville
Consumers Sanitary Coffey & Butter Stores 609 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Conway, Jas L. 138 W. Cook Ave., Libertyville
Cook, E.T. Lake & Hawley, Mundelein
Cook, J.G. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Cook Memorial Library 413 N. Milwke Ave., Libertyville
Cook, R.D. Maple Ave., Mundelein
Cook, Rhoda 203 Lincoln Ave., Libertyville
Coonfer, C.L. freight 528 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Coonfer, C.L. freight 929 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Cooper, John W. 315 W. Park Ave., Libertyville
Copper, Robt Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Cooper Thos W. 327 N. Maple Ave., Libertyville
Copeland Manor Sales Org. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Corcoran, Mark R. 113, 3d, Libertyville
Corlett, Earl H. 521 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Corlett, Earl H. 146 Newberry Ave., Libertyville
Corlett, Thos Laurel Ave., Libertyville
Cory's Mkt 545 N Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Countryside Club Fremont twp, Mundelein
Countryside Family Laundry Newberry Av & 1st., Libertyville
Crane, E.A. DDS 133 Sunnyside Pl., Libertyville
Crane's Dr Health Resort Diamond Lk., Mundelein
Crittenden, C.A. 108, 1st, Libertyville
Croker, Fred 315 Brainard Ave., Libertyville
Croonborg, Allen 212 Johnson Ave., Libertyville
Cross, C.L. Rondout., Libertyville
Cruickshenk, Wm 418 Broadway, Libertyville
Curtis, Bert N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Curtis, D.C. Oak Spring Rd., Libertyville
Curtis, Edwin J. Libertyvle twp, Libertyville



Person Address
Dalgety, Wm D. 206 W. Cook Ave., Libertyville
Daly, M.A. Five Pt Rd., Libertyville
Davis, E.L. 223 W. Lake, Libertyville
Davis, J.T.
227, 1st, Libertyville
Davis, J.W.
Sunset Dr., Libertyville
Dawson, Alberta Wdlawn Dr., Mundelein
Dawson, Robt R. Maple Ave., Mundelein
Day, Malinda Mrs. 226 W. Maple, Libertyville
Decker, Geo C. Dymond Rd., Libertyville
Decker, Wm E. 223 W. Cook Ave., Libertyville
Decker's Drug Store 518 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
Degner, S.W. Lake Ave., Mundelein
Dehne, H.F. Vernon twp., Libertyville
De, Hoog Raymond Ellis Ave., Libertyville
De, Long John E. Rev 433 Brainard Ave., Libertyville
DeMeyer, Isidor Warren twp., Libertyville
Demlow, Lester C. 623, 1st., Libertyville
Dern, Ida C. Mrs. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville
De Vault, Asa N. Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Devine, Miles J. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Diamond Garage Diamond Lk., Mundelein
Diethorn, Annie C. 134 W. Lake, Libertyville
Dietz, E.J. 521 E. Broadway, Libertyville
Dietz, John Park Ave., Mundelein
Dietz, Jos Seymour Ave., Mundelein
Dietz, L.H. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Dietz, R.J. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Dietz, W.J. Prairie av., Mundelein
Dillon, R.M. 312 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Dillon, Wm. J. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Disney, Leonard 217 E. Church, Libertyville
Doddridge Farm Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Doerschuk, J.J. 319 North av., Libertyville
Dollenmaier, John 133 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Dolph, Chas. H. Seymour av., Mundelein
Dolph, Frank Fremont twp., Mundelein
Dolton, F.A. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Donohue, R.J. Rocklnd rd, Libertyville
Dorfler, Anthony L. N. Lake av., Mundelein
Dorfler, Jos. C. Wildwd av., Mundelein
Dorfler, Jos. M. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Dorfler, R.F. Ivanhoe, Mundelein
Dougherty, A.S. 208 Broadway, Libertyville
Dowden, Jack E. Sunnyside, Libertyville
Doyle, Geo 221 W. Park av., Libertyville
Doyle, J.F. 308 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Dryer, John F. Mechanics Grv rd, Libertyville
Doyle, John W. 125 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Duba, Paul Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Duba, Sam Libertyville twp., Libertyville
DuBois, Edw L. 207 E. Church, Libertyville
Dugan, H.J. 228 N. 4th, Libertyville
Dunn, Clark A. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Dunn, H. 126 3rd, Libertyville
Dusek, Ben Vernon twp., Libertyville
Dusek, Vincent 121 W. Park av., Libertyville
Dyer, Albert E. Park av., Mundelein
Dyer, Chas R. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Dyer, Fredk Fremont twp., Mundelein
Dyer, Geo S. 105 3rd, Libertyville
Dymond, F.P. 130 W. Maple av., Libertyville



Person Address
Earl, Dick 126 W. Lake, Libertyville
Eaton, Geo A. 125 1st, Libertyville
Eaton, Stanley Sunset dr, Libertyville
Eddy, Earl W. Lake, Mundelein
Eddy, Wm. Seymour av., Mundelein
Edman, D. 134 Appley av., Libertyville
Edwards, Wm. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Eger, Flora, Mrs. 104 Hurlburt ct., Libertyville
Eger, Frank H., hdw 508 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Eger, Frank H. Mechanics Grove rd., Libertyville
Ehninger, Clara 122 N. Park pl., Libertyville
Eissler, J., cider mill Vernon, Libertyville
Elfering, Leo Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Elgin Joliet & Eastern Ry Co. frt depot Leighton sta, Libertyville
Elgin Joliet & Eastern Ry Co., pass & frt sta Roudout, Libertyville
Ellis, Mabel 137 W. Park av., Libertyville
Ellsworth, E.E. 229 E. Park av., Libertyville
Engleberry, H.P. 120 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Englebrecht, H.A., meats Seymour av., Mundelein
Englebrecth, H.A. Seymour av., Mundelein
Epp, Danl Sunset dr., Libertyville
Erb, Mabel, Mrs. Diamond Lk., Mundelein
Esentrot, Anna S. 210 Lake, Libertyville
Evans, Henry 319 Wright ct., Libertyville
Evelsizor, S.P. 336 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Ewing, W.R. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Exon, John Libertyville twp., Libertyville



Person Address
Farr, A.T. 825 Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Faulkner, Albert 136 McKinley av., Libertyville
Faust, Clifford E. 208 4th, Libertyville
Fendick, W.J. 202 Prairie av., Libertyville
Fenner, E.W. Park av., Mundelein
Fincutter, Geo H. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Fincutter Jos J. 307 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Fincutter, T.H. 222 S. Stewart av., Libertyville
Finstad Eat Shoppe 624 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Fiore, Chas, nursery Half Day rd., Libertyville
Firnbach, O.N. 317 S. Stewart av., Libertyville
Firnbach & Raupp, mdse Vernon, Libertyville
First Nat'l Bank Libertyville
Fish, L.E. 305 McKinley av., Libertyville
Fisher, C.J. 322 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Fisher, Emma, Miss Seymour av., Mundelein
Fitzgibbons, Chas F. 307 Broadway, Libertyville
Fitzmorris, Chas C. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Flagg, Clarence L. 130 S. 2nd, Libertyville
Flagg, Lew, barber 506 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Flamank, Jos W. 705 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Flary, A.J. 5th, Libertyville
Florian Chas A. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Foley, T.J. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Foley, Thos Prairie vw., Libertyville
Folger, Richard C. 326 McKinley av., Libertyville
Follett, Geo B. Elm ct. & Homewd av., Libertyville
For-Get-Me-Not Shop, restrnt Lake, Mundelein
Foss, Archie W. Austin av., Libertyville
Foulds, F.W. Mechanics Grove rd., Libertyville
Foulds Milling Co., fcty 520 E. Church, Libertyville
Foulds Milling Co., ofc 520 E. Church, Libertyville
Franzen, W.F., Jr., coal 133 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Franzen, W.F., Jr. 522 Brainard av., Libertyville
Frederick, Carl Walnut, Libertyville
Frederick, Frank 311 Brainard av., Libertyville
Fredericks, Geo A. 213 Park pl., Libertyville
Fredericks, M. 320 Wright ct., Libertyville
Freis, R.J. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Frisbie, Earl 701 E. Park av., Libertyville
Froland, Wesley Morris av., Mundelein
Fry, Bertha M. 204 Park pl., Libertyille
Fry, E.G. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Fry, Ernest J. Vernon twp., Libertyville



Person Address
Gaddis, Henry E. 221 E. Park av., Libertyville
Gadke, Robt Hawley av., Mundelein
Gagliardi, Carlo 214 Broadway, Libertyville
Galloway, C.R., MD ofc 428 Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Galloway, C.R. MD 103 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Garbutt, G.F. Winchester rd., Libertyville
Garrett, Lucy Fremont twp., Mundelein
Gautier, Tony Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Geary, Lee Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Geest, Emil, lbr Aptakisic, Libertyville
Gehl, Herman Vernon twp., Libertyville
Genung, Roy 412 Broadway, Libertyville
Gerber, Wm. F. Garfield pl., Libertyville
Gerred, Vern L. 202 Prairie av., Libertyville
Gilkerson, H.C. 304 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Gleason, Harry 128 Park pl., Libertyville
Gleason, Irving 304 Johnson av., Libertyville
Glines, Leonard 140 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Godwin, E.G. Seymour av., Mundelein
Goetz, Christ Vernon twp., Libertyville
Golding, L.E., DDS ofc 540 N. Milwaukee, Libertyville
Golding, L.E., DDS Homewood av. and Elm ct., Libertyville
Gonsalves, Robt L. 308 McKinley av., Libertyville
Good Horance S. 421 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Goodman, E.D. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Gordon, H.E. Lake, Libertyville
Gossell, R.J. 134 Sunnyside av., Libertyville
Gosswiller, C. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Gosswiller, Fred Seymour av., Mundelein
Gosswiller, John Hawley, Mundelein
Gotti, Harry D. 517 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Gotti, Q. 152 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Gould, A.J. 126 2nd, Libertyville
Gould, Edith, Mrs. 137 Johnson av.,
Grabbe, Geo H., 220 Park pl., Libertyville
Grabbe, Lillian, Mrs. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Graham, Frank J. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Graham, Lawrence Roudout, Libertyville
Graham, Wm. P. Douglas av., Libertyville
Grandy, A.A. 225 McKinley av., Libertyville
Gray, Harold J. 533 W. Park av., Libertyville
Greenwood, C.F. Mechanics Grove rd., Libertyville
Gridley, G. Carroll 226 Elm ct., Libertyville
Grimme, H.E. Rev. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Grinnell, D.C. 359 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Gross, Fred Maple av., Mundelein
Groth, Henry A. 625 E. Park av., Libertyville
Gruenwald, Earl L. 213 1st, Libertyville
Grummitt, Robt H. Warren twp., Libertyville
Grummitt, W.W. 164 Newberry, Libertyville
Guerin, Jas Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Guntner, Harry L. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Gwyn, H.B., Rev. 137 W. Church, Libertyville



Person Address
Haas, Max 147 Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Hackett, Wm P., resort Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Hafemann, W.F. Laurel av., Libertyville
Hafemann's Dairy 220 Broadway
Hagerty, Elizabeth M. 312 Broadway
Hagerty, H.J. 129 1st, Libertyville
Haines, Edan , Mrs. 342 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Hales, Burton F. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Hall, A.W. Park av., Libertyville
Hall, Burt 915 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Hanby, Lewis B. 212 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Hanlon, John Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Hans, Chas Vernon twp., Libertyville
Hansen, Louis Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Hansen, Pete 334 5th, Libertyville
Hapke, Chris 121 W. Lake, Libertyville
Hapke, Chirst 121 3rd, Libertyville
Hapke, Geo 212 2nd, Libertyville
Hapke, Henry Fremont twp., Mundelein
Harding, Orpha B. Lake, Mundelein
Hardyns, Geo Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Harms, B.J. Dymond av., Libertyville
Harper, Paul V. St. Mary's rd., Libertyville
Harriet Beauty Shoppe 420 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Harris, Clyde F. Austin av., Libertyville
Havens, John H. Ela twp., Mundelein
Havice, W.G. 117 1st, Libertyville
Hawk, P.J. 130 Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, farm ofc. Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Butterfield farm Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Clement farm south Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Cudahy farm Libertyville
Hawthron Farm, Cudahy farm N. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Cudahy boarding hse. Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Davison farm Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Follett farm Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Hansen farm Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Hansen cottage Vernon twp., Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Follett farm cottage Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Hawthorn house No. 1 Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Hawthorn house No. 3 Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Hawthorn house No. 4 Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Kruckman farm Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Peterson farm Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, poultry farm Vernon twp., Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, pvt. boarding hse Libertyville
Hawthorn Fram, pvt. garage Libertyville
Hawthorn Farm, Treptow farm Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Hecht, Ernest, Mrs. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Hecketsweiler, Sarah J., Mrs. Park, Mundelein
Hecketsweiler, Will Fremont twp., Mundelein
Heinsohn, Carl H. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Heinsohn, Geo Vernon twp., Libertyville
Helfer, Fred 609 Brainard av., Libertyville
Helfer, Harry 624 1st, Libertyville
Helfer, Henry 616 Brainard av., Libertyville
Helfer, Herman 122 W. Lake, Libertyville
Hendee, Louis F. Arbour ct., Mundelein
Henning, Henry F. 208 N. 2nd, Libertyville
Herff, Nick Vernon twp., Libertyville
Herres, John N. Fremont twp., Mundelien
Herrick, Warren Vernon twp., Libertyville
Herrick, Wm R. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Herring, Burton R. Wdchuck Lodge, Libertyville
Herrington, Chas 218 1st, Libertyville
Herschberger, C.J. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Herschberger, Math Vernon twp., Libertyville
Hertel, W.G. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Herzing, Fred Fremont twp., Libertyville
Hess, S.F. 1030 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Heuvelkamp, Dirk Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Hicks, Paul E. 132 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Higgins, R.C. 213 Maple av., Libertyville
Hillmer, Wm, excavtg contr Archer, Mundelein
Hironimus, F. Fremont twp., Libertyville
Hochschild Wm A. 142 Osborne av., Libertyville
Hodge, John Maple, Mundelein
Hodgkins, Cora J. Vernon twp.
Holcomb, Rebecca C., Mrs. Maple av., Mundelein
Holland, Arthur Butterfield rd., Libertyville
Holman, Amos 329 North av., Libertyville
Holmes, D.H. 215 W. Lake, Libertyville
Holst, Albert 117 Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Holst, Albert Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Holst, Geo Vernon twp., Libertyville
Holtje, H.H. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Homeyer, Fred W. Ela twp., Libertyville
Honeywell, C.A., photogr 424 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Hopkins, W.M. St. Mary's rd., Libertyville
Hord, Perch C. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Horman, Richard Park av., Mundelein
Hoskins, Chas C. 434 E. Church, Libertyville
Hoskins, G.G. 301 W. Park av., Libertyville
Hough, Edw 344 2nd, Libertyville
Houghtelling, Lillian Chicago av., Mundelein
Houlihan, Vincent F. 704 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Howell, W.E. 120 Garfield av., Libertyville
Hubbard, E.D. 520 2nd, Libertyville
Hubbard, Edna, Mrs. 140 E. Church, Libertyville
Hubbell, W.C. Homewd av., Libertyville
Huber, Frank A. 140 W. Lake, Libertyville
Hudson, F.A. 136 Newberry av., Libertyville
Huebsch, Lewis A. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Huff, Noah 162 Broadway, Libertyville
Huffman, Geo T. 511 Broadway, Libertyville
Huffman, T.G. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Hull, Cora, Mrs. 144 E. Church, Libertyville
Hurlbutt, H.S., Mrs. 135 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Huson, Lee A. 307 Elm ct., Libertyville
Huss, A. 311 Elm ct., Libertyville
Hutchings, Clayton Vernon twp., Mundelein
Hutchings, John W. 202 N. Stewart, Libertyville
Hutchins, Jos 208 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Hutchinson, Frank A. 601 W. Park, Libertyville
Hyatt, Jesse S. 130 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Hydraulic Art Stone Co. Prairie Vw, Libertyville



Person Address
Ill Bankers REalty Co., rl est Lake, Mundelein
Ill Bell Telephone Co., bus ofc 125 E. Church, Libertyville
Ingraham Garland S. 533 Brainard av., Libertyville
Insull, Samuel Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Insull, Samuel, service dept Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Insull, Samuel, Lodge S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Insull, Samuel, Jr. S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Insull, Samuel, Jr., service dept Libertyville twp., Libertyville



Person Address
Jacks, Floyd L. 131 S. Stewart av., Libertyville
Jaeger, John J. 341 N. 3rd, Libertyville
James, Frank 631 E. Park av., Libertyville
Jamieson, C.W. 403 Lake, Libertyville
Jarrett, John Chicago av., Mundelein
Jarrett, O.C. Seymour av., Mundelein
Jedlicka, Jas 404 Broadway, Libertyville
Jeffery, Chas Fremont twp., Mundelein
Jencks, Agnes S. 704 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Jensen, Chris Vernon twp., Libertyville
Jeppe, A.H. 217 E. Park av., Libertyville
Jesperson, Geo E. 322 McKinley av., Libertyville
Jevne, C. Arthur, Rev. Seymour av., Mundelein
Jochheim, Chas 211 Lake, Libertyville
Jochheim, Fred, bkry 547 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Johnson, Alvah L. 318 Elm ct., Libertyville
Johnson, Alvy W. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Johnson, C.A. Warren twp., Libertyville
Johnson, Chas M. Johnson av., Libertyville
Johnson, Eric T. McKinley av., Libertyville
Johnson, John M. Warren twp., Libertyville
Joice, Sarah Fremont twp., Mundelein
Jones, Arthur H. Burdick, Libertyville
Jones, E.J. Prairie av., Mundelein
Jones, Geo A., DDS ofc. Maple av., Mundelein
Jones, Geo A. Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Jorgensen, Alfred 514 E. Broadway, Libertyville
Just, Frank H. 148 N. Lake, Libertyville



Person Address
Kaiser, Chas H. 137 E. Church, Libertyville
Kane, Earl H. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Kane, Henry Maple av., Mundelein
Kane, LeRoy Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Kaping R.G., rl est. 201 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Kaping, R.G. Sunnyside av., Libertyville
Kaustine Co. Inc. 158 Newberry av., Libertyville
Keller, O.P. 321 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Kelly-Atkinson Constr Co. Rondout, Libertyville
Kelroy, F.J. Chicago av., Mundelein
Kendall, Geo W., Mrs. 415 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Kennedy Bros, rl est Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Kennedy, E.G. 141 McKinley av., Libertyville
Kennedy, Edw J. 235 McKinley av., Libertyville
Kennedy, F.E. 114 Broadway, Libertyville
Kennedy, J.J. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Kent, Helen Fremont twp., Mundelein
Kent, O.B. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Kern, F.S. 139 Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Kern, Thos H. 328 Wright ct., Libertyville
Kessler, H.L. Austin bl., Libertyville
Kick, Arthur 216 Johnson av., Libertyville
Kick, Horace Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Kiene, Fred Wildwd av., Mundelein
Kiessling, E.C., Rev. 236 Park pl., Libertyville
Kilchman, Albert 317 McKinley, Libertyville
Kimball, Nellie, Mrs. 117 W. Church, Libertyville
King, Marion, Mrs. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Klepper, Chas 130 1st, Libertyville
Klepper, Geo 127 E. Park av., Libertyville
Knapp, Carl Shady Dell av., Mundelein
Knedler, M.W. Prairie View, Libertyville
Knedler, S.E. Prairie View, Libertyville
Knigge, C.A. 146 Broadway, Libertyville
Knigge, Clarence Park av., Mundelein
Knigge, Leroy W. Austin av., Libertyville
Knigge, Will Maple, Mundelein
Knoll, Maude A., Mrs. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Knox, L.D. 321 N. 1st, Libertyville
Knutsen, Chas 172 Newberry av., Libertyville
Koch, Carl F. 1203 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Koch, Edw Vernon twp., Libertyville
Koek, Jack 135 School, Libertyville
Koenig, Albert W. 426 E. North, Libertyville
Koeppl, Chas, sft drnks Vernon twp., Libertyville
Kohner, Max 230 Elm ct., Libertyville
Kohout Flower Growers Inc Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Kranig, Paul 204 1st, Libertyville
Krantz, Otto, sft drnks Vernon twp., Libertyville
Kranz, Adam Rondout, Libertyville
Kranz, Raymond Rondout, Libertyville
Krase, Edw H. 112 3rd, Libertyville
Krog, F.H. Vernon twp., Mundelein
Kruckman, Arthur 328 2nd, Libertyville
Kruckman, John Jackson av., Libertyville
Krueger, Chas H. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Krueger, Fred Fremont twp., Mundelein
Krueger, Geo B. 318 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Krueger, H.C. 403 S. Milwaukeee av., Libertyville
Krueger, Herman L. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Krumrey, G. 124 Schl, Libertyville
Kublank, Herman Hawley av., Mundelein
Kuebker, F. Wm Ivanhoe, Mundelein
Kuester, Edw F., Jr. 104 2nd, Libertyville
Kuhagen, Herbert F. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Kuhlman, Henry A. 148 Osborne, Libertyville
Kulbinger, Frank Vernon twp., Mundelein
Kunke, Fred E. Park av., Libertyville
Kunke, Wm 307 E. Park av., Libertyville



Person Address
Ladd, Chas F. 211 Church, Libertyville
Ladd, Geo Vernon twp., Libertyville
Lake County Farm 1125 N. Milwaukee, Libertyville
Lake County Far Bur ofc. 420 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Lake County Land Assn. Park & Milwaukee aves., Libertyville
Lake County Natl Bank 503 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Lake County Register, publ 111 W. Church, Libertyville
LaMagdeleine, A.J. 112 1st, Libertyville
LaMagdeleine, N.J. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
LaMagdeleine, W.E. Libertyville twp., Mundelein
La Moine, A.B. 331 Stewart av., Libertyville
Lancaster, J.J. 222 2nd, Libertyville
Landis, John T. 302 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Lange, G.F. 321 W. Lake, Libertyville
Langworthy E.T., genl mdse 505 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Langworthy, E.T. 131 W. Park av., Libertyville
Larsen, W.E. 127 3rd, Libertyville
Lasley, R.E. 163 E. School, Libertyville
Lawrence, Geo Laurel av., Libertyville
Lawrentz, Geo A. 160 Sunnyside, Libertyville
Laycock, Edith 216 E. Church, Libertyville
Laycock, Wm 147 W. Park av., Libertyville
Laycock, Wm Co, engine mfr 417 1st, Libertyville
Leesley Bros Nursery Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Leete, Robt S. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Leete, Robt S. Fremont twp., Mundelein
LaGate, Guy E., farm Johnson av., Libertyville
Lehmkuhl, C.H. Park av., Mundelein
Leighton, Sarah, Mrs. 227 2nd, Libertyville
Leikam, Jos E. Sunnyside, Libertyville
Lemker, Fred H. 130 Douglas av., Libertyville
Lemker, W.H. Homewood av., Libertyville
Lemker, Wm D. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Lester, John, novelty gds 530 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Lester, John 303 Broadway, Libertyville
Libertyville, Village of, Village Hall 116 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Libertyville, Village of, chief of police 522 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville, Village of, fire dept 520 E. Church
Libertyville, Village of, pumping sta 214 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Libertyville Cafe 524 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville Coml club 116 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Libertyville Constr Co 359 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville Electric Shop 532 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville Floral Co 508 1st, Libertyville
Libertyville Garage 611 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville Grammar Schl Dist 70 Rockland bl., Libertyville
Libertyville Grammar School
Libertyville Independent, newspr 607 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville Lodge No 492 AF & AM 521 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville Lumber Co, ofc 412 1st, Libertyville
Libertyville Mkt N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville-Mundelein Chamber of Commerce 534 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Libertyville Roofing Co W. Lake, Libertyville
Libertyville Township High Schl 416 W. Park av., Libertyville
Libertyville Trust & Savings Bank 359 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Lichtfeld, Henry J. 518 Brainard ct., Libertyville
Lietzau, J. Aptakisic rd., Libertyville
Lightbody, W.A. 217 1st, Libertyville
Lill, Maria E., Mrs. 212 Elm ct., Libertyville
Lill, R.J. 323 3rd, Libertyville
Lindstrom, L. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Ling, Chas F. 178 Newberry av., Libertyville
Link, Geo Vernon twp., Libertyville
Link, Jos Vernon twp., Libertyville
Lohman, Raymond 231 Austin av., Libertyville
Loomis, Augustus A. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Lovell, A.M., Mrs. 205 Park pl., Libertyville
Lovell, F.B. Co, drugs 426 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Lovell, Kenneth H. 205 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Lubkemann, Fred Fremont twp., Mundelein
Lucas, E.E. Park av., Mundelein
Luce, Eugene 214 Ellis av., Libertyville
Luce, G.T. 205 W. Lake, Libertyville
Luebbe, H.R. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Luebbe, Henry Vernon twp., Libertyville
Lundman, David Winchester rd., Libertyville
Lusk, Grant Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Lusk, Lincoln 218 Park pl., Libertyville
Lynch, B.T., DC ofc 406 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Lynch, E.M. 150 Broadway, Libertyville
Lyon, A.E. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Lyons, R.J. Maple av., Mundelein
Lyons & Rouse, rl est Park av., Mundelein



Person Address
MacArthur, Alfred Libertyville twp., Libertyville
MacGuffin, Paul, lwyr 503 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
MacGuffin, Paul 527 Brainard ct., Libertyville
Mack, Jas R. 304 Broadway, Libertyville
MacLeod, A.J. Park av., Mundelein
Madden Bros, rl est Lake, Mundelein
Madden, Jas W. Oak Spring rd., Libertyville
Madole, Millie, Mrs. 337 North av., Libertyville
Madole, Norman L. 131 Ellis av., Libertyville
Madsen, Walter, ice dlr 518 Broadway, Libertyville
Maether, A.G., genl mdse Prairie View, Libertyville
Maether, Albert Broadway & 2nd, Libertyville
Maiman, L. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Main Garage 345 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Main Repair Shop 345 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Marcott, Geo Vernon twp., Libertyville
Martin, F.H., MD ofc 531 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Martin, F.H. 221 Elm ct., Libertyville
Martin, John M. 128 School, Libertyville
Mason, Casius J. Diamond Lake rd., Libertyville
Mason, Geo B. 225 W. Park av., Libertyville
Mason, Harry Vernon twp., Libertyville
Mason, Howard T. 124 Hurlburt ct., Libertyville
Mason, John 303 Elm ct., Libertyville
Mason, Wm M. Ela twp., Libertyville
Mathy, Anton 140 Broadway, Libertyville
Matthews, Stewart A, DDS 117 E. Church, Libertyville
McBride, Harry J. Hammond av., Mundelein
McBride, Thos J., hdw Maple, Mundelein
McCarthy, Jos W., arch Libertyville twp., Mundelein
McClain, Verlie 211 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
McCormick, Ed 402 Brainard av., Libertyville
McCormick, John 348 Brainard av., Libertyville
McDonald, A.J., jewlry 412 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
McDonald, C.F. Vernon twp., Libertyville
McDonald, Geo E. 311 W. Park av., Libertyville
McGrath, J.T., plbg contr 134 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
McKay, Mary, Mrs. Lake av., Mundelein
McKinley, W.J. Crane av., Mundelein
McKitrick, J.M. Rockland rd., Libertyville
McKitrick, J.M. Inc, Ford agcy 359 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Meade, Nellie Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Meaker, Sidney, ice dlr Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Meier, Carl 171 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Melendy, G.C. Garfield av., Mundelein
Melka, Geo Fremont twp., Mundelein
Melloy, Jos A. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Meredith, Wilbur B. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Merle's Battery & Radio Co N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Mesenbrink, Emil E. 539 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Metcalf, J.G. 619 N. 1st, Libertyville
Methodist Church Brainard av. & Church, Libertyville
Meyer, H.C.W. Lake, Mundelein
Meyer, Harry N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Meyer, Henry C. Maple av., Mundelein
Meyer, Orria P. 134 Douglas av., Libertyville
Meyer, Raymond J. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Meyer, Roland P. Fremont twp., Libertyville
Meyer, Wm H. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Meyers, Arthur G. 530 School, Libertyville
Meyers, Maria, Widow 305 W. Park av., Libertyville
Miller, B.H. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Miller, Ben H., atty 540 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Miller, Ben 132 W. Park av., Libertyville
Miller, Louis P. Oakdale av., Mundelein
Miller, Max H., groc Park av., Libertyville
Miller, Mortimer R. 224 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Mills, A. Lawrence, farm Vernon twp., Libertyville
Mills, Henry Vernon twp., Libertyville
Mills, Lewis A. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Milwaukee Highway Developemnt co, contrs Half Day, Libertyville
Minear, Harry P. 203 E. Park av., Libertyville
Ming, Albert, hotl Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Mitchell, Caroline Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Mitchell, Elizabeth M., Miss Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Mitchell, Frank Hawley, Mundelein
Mitchell, John T. 413 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Mobilio, Nick Roundout, Libertyville
Modder, Simon 317 Grant ct., Libertyville
Modern Beauty Shoppe, The 528 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Molidor O.H., groc 221 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Moller, Axel Vernon twp., Libertyville
Monroe, Fred Park av., Mundelein
Moore, Laura, Mrs. 704 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Moore, P.W. 322 W. Lake, Libertyville
Mordhorst, Fred 207 1st, Libertyville
Morris, Charlie 212 Johnson av., Libertyville
Morris, Geo 205 McKinley av., Libertyville
Morris, Howard E. Church, Libertyville
Morris, Louis Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Morris, Lyell H., atty 531 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Morris, Lyell H. 144 W. Park av., Libertyville
Morrison, John F. Wildwood av., Mundelein
Morrison, Jos M. 204 3rd, Libertyville
Mors, A.J. 122 N. 1st, Libertyville
Morse Chas H., supt's cottage Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Morse, J.B. 127 Douglas av., Libertyville
Morse, J.B. & Co, mens furngs 512 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Morse, Martin Ela twp., Mundelein
Morse, Philip Ela twp., Mundelein
Mott, Milan C. Cortland, Mundelein
Mowers, Barbara, Mrs. 117 Park pl., Libertyville
Muhlke, Edw S. 116 Hurlburt ct., Libertyville
Muhlke, Orin H. 210 4th, Libertyville
Muirhead, Alec 121 1st, Libertyville
Mulholland, J.R. 134 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Mundelein Dry Gds Co Park av., Mundelein
Mundlein Recreation Parlors Seymour av., Mundelein
Munro, C.B. Oakdale av., Mundelein
Murphy, John D. 132 Hurlburt ct., Libertyville
Murrie, L.A., mts & groc Seymour av., Mundelein
Myer, John J. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Myers, Mary E., Mrs. Maple av., Mundelein



Person Address
Nagel, Arno 317 E. Park av., Libertyville
Nagel, Edw G. Ela twp., Mundelein
Nagel, W.L. 123 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Nastran, J. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Naumann, Emil Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Nealis, Martin J., Rev. 121 E. Maple av., Libertyville
Neath, Alfred Fremont twp., Mundelein
Nelson E. Aug 138 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Nelson, John M. 152 Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Netz, Reinhard 131 E. Park av., Libertyville
Neville, Mark E. 536 Brainard av., Libertyville
Newbore, John Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Newcastle Hotel 522 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Newman, W.A. Half Day, Libertyville
Newson, O.A. 212 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Nicholas, Allie T., Mrs. 110 Appley, Libertyville
Nicholas, W.A. Sunset dr., Libertyville
Nicholls, R.G. 121 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Nickel, Mick Ela twp., Libertyville
Nickoley, Louis R. 115 N. 3rd, Libertyville
Nielsen, Jas Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Nixon Geo F. & Co., rl est S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Nixon Geo F. & Co., rl est Prospect & McKinley av., Mundelein
Nixon Geo F. & Co., realtors Hawley & Maple av., Mundelein
Noble, F.H. 901 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Noel, Geo Seymour av., Mundelein
Nordgren, J.E. 232 Appley av., Libertyville
Nordlund, Axel Half Day rd., Mundelein
Norman, F.C., groc 124 E. Church, Libertyville
Norris, Geo W. Ellis av., Libertyville
North Shore Gas Co, mgr 406 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
North Shore Material Co. Oak Spring rd., Libertyville
Novak, Frank Vernon twp., Mundelein
Numsen, Chas F. 4th & Hurlburt ct., Libertyville
Numsen, Henry 219 2nd, Libertyville
Numsen, John 217 2nd, Libertyville



Person Address
Obenauf, Bernard J. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Obenauf, Geo Fremont twp., Mundelein
Obenauf, Jos M. Fremont twp., Mundelein
O'Brien Bros, genl contrs Libertyville twp., Libertyville
O'Carroll, W.J. Mechanics Grove rd., Mundelein
O'Conner, K.N., genl mdse Rondout, Libertyville
O'Donnell, M.J., hotl Maple av., Mundelein
O'Hern, Jos P. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
O'Neill, Helen R. 121 4th, Libertyville
Osborn, P.G. 331 Wright ct., Libertyville
Osborne, Ruez 230 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Osborne, W. Irving, farm Fremont twp., Mundelein



Person Address
Panzer, Albert Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Parkhurst Filling Sta Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Parks, Cloyce W. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Parsons, Harry H. E. Sunnyside, Libertyville
Patterson, Jos M. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Patterson, Jos M., farm Libertyville
Patterson, Jos M., prt garage Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Patterson, Jos M., supt cott Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Payne, H.C. Seymour av., Mundelein
Peaco, Jas B. Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Peden, Thos J. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Penny, M.D., MD ofc 540 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Penny, M.D. Laurel av., Libertyville
Perejda, Geo Phillips cor., Libertyville
Perrigo, D.S., Mrs. 515 E. Park av., Libertyville
Pester, Harry 304 Elm ct., Libertyville
Pester M. & Son, blksmths 117 E. Cook, Libertyville
Pester, Mat 146 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Petera, Jos Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Peters, Wm Ela twp., Mundelein
Peterson, Chas H. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Peterson, Chris F. 140 McKinley av., Libertyville
Peterson, Geo M. 216 Prairie av., Libertyville
Peterson, R.E. 1112 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Peterson, V.J. 1112 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Peterson, Wm H. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Peterson, A.D. Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Peterson, Albert C. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Peterson, Henry Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Peterson, W.H. 141 W. Rockland rd., Libertyville
Petges, Peter Mechanics Grove rd., Libertyville
Pettengill, P.W. Laurel av., Libertyville
Pettengill, C.R. W. Cook av., Libertyville
Pfannenstill, Harry Diamond Lake rd., Mundelein
Pfannenstill, J.F. Prairie av., Mundelein
Pfister, Henry A. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Philips, Claude E. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Pink Poodle Farm Half Day, Libertyville
Plotz, Robt M. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Pohlman, Louis Ela twp., Libertyville
Porteous, Ben Fremont twp., Mundelein
Porteous, W. Maple, Mundelein
Pospisil, Joe, sft drinks Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Potts, Henry Vernon twp., Libertyville
Potts, Nick Vernon twp., Mundelein
Price, Julia L. 148 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Price, Paul 401 E. Park av., Libertyville
Priess, Fred, ice cr Vernon twp., Libertyville
Proctor Chas 130 N. Stewart av., Libertyville
Proesel, Peter G. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Public Service Co of Northern Ill, service man 124 School (24 Hr.), Libertyville



Person Address
Quaker Oats Farm Lake, Libertyville
Quality Bake Shop 536 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Quentin, Ed 206 W. Maple av., Libertyville



Person Address
Raasch, John P. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Radke, Geo H. Ela twp., Mundelein
Radke, Julius Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Radke, Louis Fremont twp., Mundelein
Radke, Raber D. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Radloff, Aug 237 Austin av., Libertyville
Rafferty, A.T., Jr. Warren twp., Libertyville
Rankin, John B. 524 2nd, Libertyville
Ransom, Edson Fremont twp., Mundelein
Raupp, A.J. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Raupp, Jake Vernon twp., Libertyville
Ravine Farm Vernon twp., Libertyville
Ray Furniture & Paint Store 531 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Ray, Geo M. Maple av., Mundelein
Ray, Gordon Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Ray, L.E. 330 North av., Libertyville
Ray, Lloyd C., rl est 404 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Ray, Lloyd C., rl est Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Ray, Lloyd C. 411 W. Park av., Libertyville
Ray, Lloyd C. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Ray, Paul G. Park av., Libertyville
Ray, Will A. Prairie av., Mundelein
Ray & Osburn, undertakers 531 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Reay, W.M. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Ree Motor Co., autos 325 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Rehm, Henry Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Reickhoff, L.H. 5th, Libertyville
Reid, A.E. 116 E. Park av., Libertyville
Reimers, Richard Vernon twp., Libertyville
Reliable Laundry, The 310 Maple av., Libertyville
Rest Haven Garage Ivanhoe, Mundelein
Reuse, J.C. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Rich, Wm, oils Rondout, Libertville
Rickerson, Fred D. 131 S. Stewart av., Libertyville
Ritta, A.L. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Rittler, Floyd seymour av., Mundelein
Ritzenthaler, Lloyd Vernon twp., Libertyville
Ritzenthaler, W.H. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Robbins, H.W., mill wk 428 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Robbins, H.W. 313 Prairie av., Libertyville
Roberts, John 124 3rd, Libertyville
Rockland Filling Station Milwaukee av. and Rockland rd., Libertyville
Roder, Albert R. Hawley, Mundelein
Roder, E.E. Park av., Mundelein
Roeh, Hans P. 713 E. Park av., Libertyville
Rogan, C.A. 123 Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Rogers, Geo T. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Rollins, Orrie U. 123 Douglas av., Libertyville
Roppelt, Simon Fremont twp., Mundelein
Rose, Frank C. 318 Broadway, Libertyville
Ross, Geo A. Park av., Mundelein
Rouse, Annie, Mrs. Lincoln av., Mundelein
Rouse Bros, dairy Courtland, Mundelein
Rouse, Emma B., Mrs. Archer av., Mundelein
Rouse, Harden Prairie av., Mundelein
Rouse, Harry Lake, Mundelein
Rouse, J.J. Lake, Mundelein
Rouse, John Garfield and Hammond, Mundelein
Rouse, Robt F. Lincoln and Courtland, Mundelein
Rouse, Robt R. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Ruby, Sadie D. 210 Douglas av., Libertyville
Russell, Thos Lake, Mundelein
Rutherford, Jas B. 411 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville



Person Address
S&S Tire & Battery Shop 618 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Sachs, J.H. 711 E. Park av., Libertyville
Sage, Thos 141 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Sage, Walter Libertyville twp., Libertyville
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, convent Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, farms Libertyville twp., Libertyville
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, Franciscan Sisters Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, green house Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, Owen farm Libertyville twp., Libertyville
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, Procurator ofc. Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, Very Rev. John B. Furay, S.J. Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, Very Rev. Msgr. J.G. Kealy Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, Very Rev. Msgr. H.F. Wolfe Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, Villa Dormitory Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, Philosophy Dormitory Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, power house Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, refectory Mundelein
St. Mary's of the Lake Seminary, villa convent Mundelein
Sauer & Hans, genl mdse Vernon twp., Libertyville
Sawdon, E.E., Mrs. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Sawusch, Edw. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Sawusch, Emil G. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Sayers, Mary E., Mrs. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Saylor, M. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Sayre, E.L. 307 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Schanck, G.G. 128 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Schanck Hardware Co. 506 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Schanck, L.H. 113 Park pl., Libertyville
Schar, Sam 1125 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Schar, Saml 208 3rd, Libertyville
Schar, W. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Schley, Robt Vernon twp., Libertyville
Schley, Wm J. 167 Newberry av., Libertyville
Schmidt, Edw F. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Schnaebele, A.R., rl est 111 W. Church, Libertyville
Schnaebele, A.R. 154 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Schnaebele, R.P. 316 S. Stewart av., Libertyville
Schneider, Edw 234 2nd, Libertyville
Schneider, Emelia, Mrs. 205 S. Milwaukee Av., Libertyville
Schneider, H.C. Homewood av., Libertyville
Schotanus, B.R. 125 McKinley, Libertyville
Schotanus, Robt Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Schreck, Carl A. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Schreck, Herman, Mrs. 207 E. Park av., Libertyville
Schreck, R.F. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Schroeder, Ernest Vernon twp., Libertyville
Schroeder, M.W. 115 E. Maple av., Libertyville
Schroeder, Marshall R. Milwaukee av., Mundelein
Schroeder, Russell Vernon twp., Libertyville
Schultz, Albert 204 2nd, Libertyville
Schultz, Herman E. Park and 4th, Libertyville
Schultz, Melvin 114 4th, Libertyville
Schwandt, Arthur Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Schwandt, Gust 141 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Schwerman A.G. & Co., genl mdse Gilmer, Mundelein
Schwerman, Herman A. 205 W. Maple, Libertyville
Schwerman, Lena D. Ela twp., Mundelein
Sealing, Henry Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Segert, H.F. 122 Newberry av., Libertyville
Seiler, Chas 604 2nd, Libertyville
Seiler, Ed Vernon twp., Mundelein
Sell, Wm Prairie av., Libertyville
Sellers, F.E. 312 McKinley av., Libertyville
Sellers, Frank Copeland Manor, Libertyville
Sellers & Peterson, rl est 551 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Seybold, Janet S. Stewart av., Libertyville
Shaddle, Frank C. Maple, Mundelein
Shanks, Dorothy G. Prairie av., Libertyville
Sheehan, Wm 215 Broadway, Libertyville
Shepherd, John L. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Shields, J.J. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Shober, A.F. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Sievers, Peter G. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Simen, Nettie M., Mrs. Sunset dr., Libertyville
Simmonds, Chas A. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Simpson, O.E., DDS Vernon twp., Mundelein
Singenberger, Otto A. Glendale pl., Mundelein
Sisters of Mercy Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Sitz, Robt Hurlburt ct., Libertyville
Siwek, Frank W. Maple av., Mundelein
Skidmore, Jake R. 203 Lincoln, Libertyville
Slusser, M. 117 2nd, Libertyville
Smale, Chas F., Sanitation equipment 158 Newberry av., Libertyville
Small, Bert W. Halfday, Libertyville
Small, Geo C. 723d N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Smart, A.C. 140 Broadway, Libertyville
Smee, Ernest N. Lake, Libertyville
Smiling Service Sta Rockland rd. and Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Smith, Ada, Mrs. 1023 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Smith, E.H., DDS ofc. 503 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Smith, E.H. 216 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Smith, Fred H., barber 604 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Smith, Fred H. Appley av., Libertyville
Smith, Geo H. 158 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Smith, Geo J. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Smith, H.A. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Smith, H.W. 211 McKinley av., Libertyville
Smith, Orville L. 235 Lake, Libertyville
Smith, Ray N. 126 Douglas av., Libertyville
Smith, Richard Seymour av., Mundelein
Smith, Stewart 205 3rd, Libertyville
Smith's Taxi 528 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Smock, Guy E., Rev. 229 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Snow, M.C., Mrs. 125 W. Park av., Libertyville
Snow's Taxi Service 730 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Snyder, Albert H. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Snyder, Warren Fremont twp., Mundelein
Soda Shop, The, ice cream 515 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Soo Line (Minneapolis St. Paul & Sault Ste Marie Ry) pass & frt sta Mundelein
Soo Line (Minneapolis St. Paul & Sault Ste Marie Ry) pass sta Libertyville
Soo Line (Minneapolis St. Paul & Sault Ste Marie Ry) pass Sta Soo Line Depot, Mundelein
Sorby, Carl Vernon twp., Libertyville
Sorensen, N.C. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Southorn, Robt E., groc. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Sowatzke, Chas 510 2nd, Libertyville
Spellman, Wm F., Jr. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Spoor, M.W. 303 E. Park av., Libertyville
Sprague, Chas Vernon twp., Libertyville
Spring, C., Mrs., restrnt 608 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Stafford, F.R. 116 E. Park av., Libertyville
Stahl, Albert J. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Stahl, Chas Vernon twp., Libertyville
Stahl, Elmer G. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Stancliff, Alfred Vernon twp., Libertyville
Stancliff, Chas Vernon twp., Libertyville
Stancliff, Geo A., groc. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Stancliff, Roy Vernon twp., Libertyville
Stancliff, Wm H. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Standard Oil Co. 321 Broadway, Libertyville
Stanford, Arthur L. 312 McKinley av., Libertyville
Stanford, Elizabeth 125 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Stang, Walter Homewood av., Libertyville
Staples, Flora 219 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Star Garage, The Lake, Mundelein
Stark, Rose Lake av., Mundelein
State Bank of Mundelein Maple, Mundelein
Stedman, Geo E. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Steir, Burt H. 121 N. Park pl., Libertyville
Stephens, Chas N., MD ofc. 604 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Sterley, J.M. 116 N. 3rd, Libertyville
Sternberg Powell Co., Contrs 359 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Stibolt, Carl B. Deerpath rd., Libertyville
Stibolt, Carl B., Service bldg Libertyville
St. Joseph's Convent 219 Park pl., Libertyville
Stocke, Lena, Mrs. 321 E. Church, Libertyville
Stoerp, Gustav Vernon twp., Prairie View
Stone, Frank Fremont twp., Mundelein
Strand, Philip E. 514 2nd, Libertyville
Studer, Wm H. 310 S. Stewart av., Libertyville
Sturm, Chas Vernon twp., Libertyville
Sturm, Geo, Jr. 304 North av., Libertyville
Suhling, Henry, auto repairs 349 E. Church, Libertyville
Suhling, John P. 329 North av., Libertyville
Sumeriski, Emma M., Mrs. 303 North av., Libertyville
Sundell, Rupert O. 107 1st, Libertyville
Sun Shine Inn Milwaukee av. and Belvidere rd., Libertyville
Surma, John A. Ela twp., Mundelein
Suter, A.E. Burdick, Libertyville
Suter, J.H. Burdick, Libertyville
Suydam, Edith, Miss 340 North av., Libertyville
Suydam, F.M. 127 Park pl., Libertyville
Suydam, Frank 102 Park pl., Libertyville
Suydam, John, Jr. Prairie av., Libertyville
Suydam, Murrell 127 N. Park pl., Libertyville
Suydam, Thos Johnson av., Libertyville
Swan, E.F. 123 N. Stewart av., Libertyville
Swan, H.J. Hawley av., Mundelein
Swan, Jas H. 122 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Swan, T.F. 148 N. Lake, Libertyville
Swift, O.P. Fremont twp., Mundelein



Person Address
Taylor, Harry A. 124 Osborne, Libertyville
Taylor, John L. MD, Ofc. 540 N. Milwaukee, Libertyville
Taylor, John L. Oakwood tr. subd, Libertyville
Tegtmeyer, F.A., genl mdse Park Ave., Mundelein
Tegtmeyer, Otto 201 S Stewart Ave., Libertyville
Tekampe, John M. Fremont twp., Libertyville
Tekampe, Jos F. Fremont twp., Libertyville
Tennyson, E., Mrs. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Tennyson, Glen A., pool hall 118 E. Cook av., Libertyville
Texaco Service Sta. Johnson and Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Thalero, Gus Lake Ave., Mundelein
Thatcher, Geo, sft drnks Hawley av., Mundelein
Thatcher, Harold Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Thatcher, John T. Vernon twp., Mundelein
Thies, F.L. , Jr Ela twp., Libertyville
Thies, Geo A. Ela twp., Mundelein
Thies, Henry W. Ela twp., Libertyville
Thomas, Alice Libertyvle twp., Libertyville
Thomas, R.E. 222 Elm ct., Libertyville
Thomsen, Andreu 248 N Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Thomson, C.L. 160 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Thomson, Forrest 317 Broadway, Libertyville
Thums, Jake Vernon twp., Libertyville
Tiffany, Clayton J. Lincoln av., Mundelein
Titus Bros, electl contrs 501 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Titus, Harry L. 214 1st, Libertyville
Titus, Jos Fremont twp., Libertyville
Titus, Roy J. 108 2nd, Libertyville
Tolleth, Dewey E. 226 4th, Libertyville
Topel, Edw 108 3rd, Libertyville
Towner, F.C. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Towner, Jas C. Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Towner, Sophia Mrs. Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Travers, Jas. Lake av., Mundelein
Trenner, Chas. 321 Grant ct., Libertyville
Trenner, Gean 119 Appley av., Libertyville
Treptow, Chas. 326 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Treptow, Julius A. 203 1st, Libertyville
Trier, Chas. F. Lake Zurick rd., Libertyville
Triggs, Geo. 227 Broadway, Libertyville
Triggs, Ross 215 Elm ct., Libertyville
Triggs & Johnson, Groc. 403 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Tripp, Austin W. 207 W. Park av., Libertyville
Tripp, Franics 603 Brainard av., Libertyville
Tripp, S.L., lbr Gilmer, Mundelein
Tripp, S.L., feed Morris, Mundelein
Tripp, S.L., lbr Vernon twp., Libertyville
Tripp, S.L. Park av., Mundelein
Tritz, Matthew A. 513 1st, Libertyville
Tulley, L.F. 141 Sunnyside pl., Libertyville
Tumler, Carl Seymour av., Mundelein
Turner, Bert Vernon twp., Libertyville
Twin Elm Pie Shop Vernon twp., Libertyville



Person Address
Ulhorn, Fred Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Ullrich, Leslie Park av., Mundelein
Ullrich, P. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Umbdenstock, E.J. Ela twp., Mundelein
Umbdenstock, G.B. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Umbdenstock, G.D. Gilmer, Mundelein
Umbdenstock, Wm., Mts. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Underwood, E.L. Fremont twp., Libertyville
Untz, John Fremont twp., Mundelein



Person Address
Vacek Bros, rl. est. Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Vacek, Lad Libertyville twp., Mundelein
VanderWerff, Theo 121 McKinley, Libertyville
VandeWerff, Tim Warren twp., Libertyville
Vernon Garage Half Day, Libertyville
Vesely, B. Libertyville twp., Mundelein
Vickery, Frank Fremont twp., Mundelein
Vickery, Wm. Park av., Mundelein
Virginia Cafe 603 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Voelker, Fred Lake, Mundelein
Volkman, W.E. Oakdale av., Mundelein
voss, Jos. F. Libertyville twp., Mundelein



Person Address
Wade, J. Morrell 330 Brainard av., Libertyville
Wagner, M.F. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Wagner, Martin Seymour av., Mundelein
Wagner, W.M. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Waldo, A.W. 214 Park av., Libertyville
Wallace, Mildred, Mrs. 124 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Waller, Jas. B., farmer's cottage Arcadia rd., Libertyville
Wallis, Frank E. 201 N. Stewart av., Libertyville
Walrond, Wm., Groc. 541 N. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Walrond, Wm. 234 W. Cook av., Libertyville
Ward, Chas. Winchester rd., Libertyville
Warner, Chas. Prairie av., Mundelein
Waterhouse, E.H. 532 Brainard av., Libertyville
Waters, H.E. Dymond rd., Libertyville
Watson, H.A., Drugs Seymour av., Mundelein
Watson, H.A. Park av., Mundelein
Weart, Jas. G. 320 Wright ct., Libertyville
Weber, G.P. Oakdale av., Mundelein
Wegener, Catherine , Mrs. 343 E. Church, Libertyville
Wehrenberg, A.H. 114 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Wehrenberg, C.A. 126 N. Stewart av., Libertyville
Wehrenberg, H.D. 327 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Wehrenberg, Henry H., Jr. 118 Osborn, Libertyville
Wehrenberg, L.D. Maple av., Mundelein
Wehrenberg, Ralph H. 313 E. Church, Libertyville
Weidner, Geo. M., Genl. Mdse. Aptakisic, Libertyville
Weiskopf, E.J. 235 Elm ct., Libertyville
Weiskopf, H.A. 123 School, Libertyville
Welch, John F. Mundelein, Libertyville
Welch, Nettie, Mrs. 216 Elm ct., Libertyville
Wells, Caroline M., Mrs. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Wells, E.H. Newberry av., Libertyville
Wells, Everett Hawley, Mundelein
Wells, Harold H. Maple av., Mundelein
Wells, Myron R. Park, Mundelein
Wells, Nathan P. 340 Grant ct.
Wells, W.G. 215 W. Cook, Libertyville
Wertzler, Lambert J. 139 McKinley, Libertyville
Westmary Farms, Supt's cottage Libertyville twp., Libertyville
Wetmore, Jim B. 208 1st, Libertyville
Wheeler, Hermance 317 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Wheeler, Wm. 305 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Wheeler, Wm. T. Mechanics Grove rd., Libertyville
Whigam, Wm. 223 S. Stewart av., Libertyville
Whitman, B.H. Elm ct., Libertyville
Whitmore, A.W. 104 5th, Libertyville
Whitney, Arthur 247 W. Austin av., Libertyville
Whitney, Geo. Stewart av., Libertyville
Whitney, John 332 Grant ct., Libertyville
Whitney, L.H. 114 Osborne, Libertyville
Wick, Wm. Lake av., Mundelein
Wickwire, Jessie L, Mrs. Oakspring rd, Libertyville
Wiech, John F. Diamond Lake, Mundelein
Wilcox, C.M. 103 1st, Libertyville
Wilcox, E. 114 Douglas av., Libertyville
Wilcox, Geo. E. 319 McKinley av., Libertyville
Wilkening, Fred C. Park av., Mundelein
Willard, F.D. 116 E. Park av., Libertyville
Willers, R.F. 169 School, Libertyville
Williams, John M. 133 W. Maple, Libertyville
Williams, Wm. J. Park av., Mundelein
Williams & Geer, Restrnt Half Day, Libertyville
Wilson, E.O. Jackson, Libertyville
Wilson, Frank J. Austin av., Libertyville
Wirtz, A. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Wirtz, Frank A. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Wirtz, John G. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Wirtz, M.C. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Wirtz, Michael, Mrs. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Wirtz, Michael F. Fremont twp., Mundelein
Wlezien, John Diamong Lake rd., Libertyville
Wolf, Jacob Vernon twp., Libertyville
Woltman, Henry 228 Lincoln av., Libertyville
Wood, Fred M. 434 Church, Libertyville
Woodin, W.I. Vernon twp., Libertyville
Woodward, Earle J. 129 Sunnyside, Libertyville
Woolf, Julian S. E. Fairview av., Libertyvile
Wright, C.F. 1109 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Wright, F.J. 312 Elm ct., Libertyville
Wright, Geo. A. 122 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Wright, Roy F. 79 Homeward av., Libertyville



Person Address
Yahnke, Jas. G. Oak Spring rd., Libertyville
Young, D.A. 220 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Young, E.C., Mrs. 220 W. Maple av., Libertyville
Young, Merle 218 S. Milwaukee av., Libertyville
Young, Ray 613 1st, Libertyville
Young, S.J., Mrs. 606 Brainard av., Libertyville



Person Address
Zahnle, Matt Ela twp., Libertyville
Zeermer, John L. 112 2nd, Libertyville
Zersen, Fred C. 419 E. Park av., Libertyville
Zersen, Theo C. Park, Mundelein
Zersen, Wm. F. Park av., Mundelein
Zimmer, Michael Vernon twp., Libertyville
Zook, S.D. 123 2nd, Libertyville