Non-Fiction Finder: Ocean Life for Young Kids

Non-fiction material and informational texts have been getting a lot of attention with the inception of the Common Core, a set of state-led educational standards being adopted across the country. The praise is well-deserved because non-fiction opens up worlds of curiosity for children. Not only can nonfiction be used to investigate subjects that kids are learning in school, it can also be used to inspire, explore, and awe. Fremont Public Library has excellent non-fiction options for your child. This post will be the first in the "Non-Fiction Finder" series highlighting what Fremont Public Library has for your children.

Ocean life for the youngest explorers

Our "Ocean Life" section can be found in the E Room, against the wall with the windows. Look for the blue sticker!

Paleosharks: Survival of the Strangest by Timothy J. Bradley. Today's sharks are a fearsome bunch, and their predecessors were just as nasty. Explore truly unique sharks that lived over 400 million years ago, with comparisons to sharks living today. Fun fact: the Helicoprion has fossil evidence that suggests the shark's teeth were shaped is a compact spiral that looked like a 10-inch buzz-saw blade. That's intense!




Meet the Sea Lion by Susanna Keller. A short and sweet book for your toddler who's taken particular interest in that cute sea lion at the zoo. This can also be used for early readers. A great set of real-life pictures that children can connect to their own experiences.



Baby Whale's Journey by Jonathan London. Follow one baby whale's infancy as it travels across the ocean with its mother and fellow sperm whales. A soft narrative with dazzling vocabulary and illustrations, London surrounds true facts with an intriguing tale.