Sculpture Donation to FPLD

Recently, you may have noticed the beautiful sculpture outside the Youth Services event room. This lovely moving sculpture was donated by the late Florence Patrick, a long-time supporter of the Fremont Public Library. Florence was a former library trustee and past President of the Friends of the Library. She wanted to give the library something that would be enjoyed by all and, as a former teacher with a special affinity for children, something that would be easily viewed from the Youth Services Department. Flo personally picked out the piece of artwork that was recently installed in front of the building, just to the east of the bike racks. The piece is by a Utah based artist named Lyman Whitaker. It is designed to move gracefully with the wind and to be out in the elements year-round.

Library Director Scott Davis reflects on the piece, saying "I know I will always think about Flo when I see it turning in the breeze and think about how much of a positive impact she had on the library and how much we, not just an institution but as a collection of people and personalities, have impacted her life."

Sculpture donation to FPLD from Florence Patrick