Borrowing Materials

You must have a library card in order to check out materials.  A valid Illinois driver’s license or State ID may also be registered with the Library as a substitute library card which can only be used to check out materials.  This registration can be done at the Checkout desk.

Freedom from Fines! There are no more late fees from Fremont Library.

Checkout Guide

Item Type Loan Period Limit Renewable? Place Holds?
Books & all items not listed below 3 weeks 75 total items Yes Yes
Blu-rays & DVDs: New or High Demand 1 week 10 Yes Fremont only
Blu-rays & DVDs: New TV Series 3 weeks 10 Yes Fremont only
Blu-rays & DVDs "in the Vault" 3 weeks 10 Yes Yes
Book Club Collection 3 weeks n/a No Fremont only
Devices 1 week 1 Yes Fremont only
Hands-on Kits 3 weeks 2 Yes Fremont only
Launchpads 3 weeks  2 No Fremont only
Telescopes 3 weeks 1 No Fremont only
Videogames: New 1 week 2 Yes Fremont only
Videogames 3 weeks 5 Yes Yes


  • Renewable items will automatically renew 3 days before they are due if no one else is waiting for the item.
  • Choose email notification to receive a notice with the new due dates and/or a list of those titles that could not be renewed.
  • Even if you do not have email notifications selected, your items will still be auto-renewed. Check your account for more information.

Freedom From Fines!

  • We have removed late fees for all materials
  • All items still have due dates.
  • You are expected to return or renew items by their due dates.
  • If you have an item out more than 2 weeks past its due date, you can't check out any more until the item is returned.
  • 45 days after an item was due the item will be considered lost and you will be billed. At that point you may return the item or pay the bill.
  • If you find a lost item within 1 week after paying to replace it, you may receive a refund.


Borrowing from Other Libraries (ILL)

Fremont Library is part of the Computer Cooperative Services (CCS) Consortium, so we are able to seamlessly order in most materials from any of the libraries who share our catalog. Fremont cardholders may also order items from libraries outside the consortium by contacting the library Reference Desk at 847-918-3206 or through the chat feature. For more details about InterLibrary Loan outside the consortium, click here.


Getting a Library Card


Click here for the full circulation policy.