Book Clubs







Book Club Service

Fremont Public Library offers a special service for patrons who host their own Book Clubs. 
This service offers:

  • Special due dates that coincide with your club’s meeting date.
  • A place to host your club.  Ask us about our study rooms and meeting room reservations.
  • Ability to obtain large print and/or audiobook titles for your members.
  • Discussion guides and recommendations for additional titles for your club.

Want to sign up?

  1. Choose a contact person for your club.
  2. The contact person can fill out the bookclub form online to register their club and/or to select their titles for each meeting or come to the Reader’s Services Desk at the library.
  3. Pick a name for your book club. Book club titles are held at the Reader's Services desk under the book club's name so please make sure to share the name with all the members of your club.

Book Club Guidelines

  • Titles requested must be available in our library system.
  • Depending on demand, we may need to switch around titles or get them at a later date when the demand is lower, even after your lists have been submitted and approved.
  • The book club facilitator needs to have a Fremont Library Card in good standing.
  • If the book club facilitator leaves, the new facilitator must also have a Fremont Library card to continue the service.
  • The book club service is a labor-intensive program. As such, the library reserves the right to deny or stop service to a book club and/or facilitator if necessary.

Book clubs have the freedom to choose any title they wish to discuss. However, if the chosen title is new, a bestseller, or has multiple holds, book club members will have to obtain copies on their own for that particular book discussion.

Book Club Collection

The Book Club Collection contains titles that are popular selections for book group discussions. We also offer discussion guides for each of the titles in our Book Club Collection.