Librarians Review Apps

**You've used your librarians to help you find books, movies, CDs, research articles, and magazines--now you can come to us for app suggestions!  We'll be reviewing apps that you can play for free on our Early Literacy iPads. Try 'em before you buy 'em and help your child learn & grow in a fun and new way.**

Fire Station by JumpSeeWow

Device: iOS 5.0 or later

Cost: Free at your library, $2.99 elsewhere

Age: 2+

Explore the fire station with real footage of firefighters and ambulance drivers--and even a town baker--in action. Also included are valuable fire safety tips. A great starting point for discussing the day-to-day activities of firefighters and ambulance drivers. Supplement with our Firehouse Collection books. Because there are parts of the video without narration, talk with your child about what the firefighters are doing and point out things that interest you in the videos. They'll catch on to your enthusiasm! 

Rounds: Parker Penguin

Device: iOS 4.3 or later

Cost: Free at your library, $4.99 elsewhere

Age: 3-6 years

Awards: USA Today's Top 10 iPad Kids Apps for 2012

Parker Penguin is one adorable and informative penguin. A great nonfiction app with game-like features for exploring the wide world of a penguin including habitat, diet, abilities, mating (“would you like to start a family?”), and child-rearing. My favorite part was sliding around the ice! Can be read independently or have it read to you with highlighted words. This is a great app to explore together. Take turns hunting for krill, read the e-book outloud to your child, and, if you can't answer a question, go together to find more about penguins in our book collection!