Tuesday, February 26, 2013


In honor of “Tell A Fairy Tale Day” (yes, there is such a day, and it actually is today), take a look at the fairy tale mash-up, which is a story that recombines elements or characters from multiple fairy tales to create a new story.

Some examples from the Teen Zone include:

Beauty (YA MCK) – Beauty & the Beast.

Beastly (YA FLI) – Beauty & the Beast told from the Beast’s viewpoint.

Book of Lost Things (YA CON)  Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and Rumplestiltskin are given new, often nightmarish life in this book.

Cinder (YA MEY) – The first volume of The Lunar Chronicles, a cyberpunk version of Cinderella.

Kill Me Softly (YA CRO) – Set in a place where Grimm’s fairy tales come to life.

Enchanted (YA KON) – Features a talking frog, Cinderella’s dropped slipper, and Jack’s beanstalk, among other components of various tales.